hiring 2019/20


Who are we?

Spark is a student led creative marketing agency guided by two industry professionals.

Our goal is to “shatter the perception of a student driven agency” and showcase our skills to prove that students can produce industry standard, quality work for clients.

Available Roles for 2019/20

  • Project Coordinator

  • Copywriter

    See all job descriptions here.


What do we do?

We solve marketing communication problems for SLC, the Kingston community, and beyond.

Our areas of service include marketing and communication strategies, digital and print media, brand development, and video production and motion graphics.

We stay ahead of trends and use innovative and creative solutions to help our clients reach their goals and love their business.

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What are we looking for?


What’s really special about us is that our positions are open to ANY STUDENT, in ANY PROGRAM at SLC that is returning for the fall of 2019.

You do not have to be enrolled in a business program. We have current team members enrolled in User Experience and Bachelors programs!

Do you...

  • Have a passion and desire to constantly improve your skill set?

  • Have a thirst for knowledge and enjoy the challenge of learning new things?

  • Think outside the box and challenge existing ideas to craft something unique and innovative?

  • Have a skill set or interest in marketing communications?

We’re looking for the overachievers.

The passionate and dedicated.

The divergent thinkers who push creative boundaries.

The ones who find inspiration in everything.


How To Apply

So you’re thinking Spark might be a great opportunity for you, and you're returning to SLC for the fall semester? HERE's what you need to do!

Please click below to fill out the application form and to upload your resume.

  • The deadline to apply is August 30, 2019

    • Only successful applicants will be contacted for an interview

  • The interview process begins on September 3, 2019

  • Decisions will be made by September 6, 2019

  • Positions begin September 9, 2019