Who Are You? Creating a Brand Personality

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If your brand lacks a voice and personality, it will be hard for your customers to differentiate you from competitors and connect with you on a personal level. Just like you have your own personality, your brand should too! It defines your business and gives it character – making people fall in love with your product or service. It’s important to develop your brand personality in the early stage of business development and be consistent.

Think your business may be lacking personality? Try the following:

1. Are you confusing your personality with your identity? You’re blonde with brown eyes and that’s your identity. You’re clever and friendly and that’s your personality. Therefore, your logo and design guidelines are not your personality. Your personality is your ability to connect with humans on an emotional level through the use of voice and tone. Remember that you wouldn’t be you without your personality (you’d just be an empty shell), and the same goes for your business.

2.  How do you want your audience to feel when they see your brand? Happy, sad, inspired? Make sure that the marketing efforts that you produce for your brand coincide with how you want people to react and feel about you. Shoutout to WestJet and their amazing job at creating a personality of caring with their Christmas Miracle campaign.

3. Is your projected personality hurting your business? You have to make sure you don’t affect people in the wrong way. This has happened with businesses who try too hard to get an emotional reaction from their consumers – and it completely flopped (WWF’s 9/11 advertisement, for example). Be careful about what you see as a risk worth taking.

4. Your business already has a personality, you just need to find it. There’s no need to completely go back to square one. Instead, you need to find what’s already deep down and bring it to the surface. Ask someone what they see or feel when they think of your brand and build it from there.

5. Still having a hard time bringing personality to your business? Give it a face that people can relate to. One of the first brand faces that made his mark on the world was the familiar Green Giant. Since 1925, he’s been evolving with generations, bringing peas to your dinner table. I remember my grandmother telling me she had been afraid of him as a child, and with that story I remember her when I purchase my frozen veggies. It has worked for Green Giant, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mr. Clean and a countless amount of other mascots. Why do you think sports teams have them? Because it helps to sell tickets.

What was your favourite childhood brand personality? Let us know in the comments.


Kimberley Falk – Multimedia Writer