Spark’s Workplace Culture: How Each of our Team Members Stay Motivated

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At Spark, we value each of our members own unique talents, personalities, and abilities. We believe that we are stronger because of our diversity. When it comes to staying motivated in the workplace, we tend to keep each other going, but we also have our own ways of staying on top of tasks and keeping our mind clear of any distractions.

Here are our team’s ways of staying motivated at Spark:


“I stay motivated by making to do lists and focusing on one item at a time. With so many projects on the go you can easily become overwhelmed. By breaking your work down into small tasks and writing them down, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment every time you check one off your list."


“Looking back at where Spark came from and where we are now. Thinking about the direction we are heading in, and how students have created this for others to benefit from. Seeing all of the hard work pay off for everyone involved.”  


“I am motivated by the fact that this job is a privilege. I am lucky to have a job where I am surrounded by so much talent and people who encourage one another to do their best in every task. I learn and grow every day, personally and professionally, because of this job and that is the ultimate motivation for me.”


“Surround yourself with your passions and bring yourself back to life with music or art or whatever that something is that makes you light up!”


"I stay motivated by putting on my headphones and listening to one of my favourite artists or playlists. This puts me in the zone to really get down to work."


"I think about the future and how, if I do something now or I give myself the strength to try and achieve it now (no matter how difficult it may seem), my future self will be so much better off and thankful for my decisions today." 


“I get motivated by looking at myself in the mirror.” 


“What motivates me is always looking towards the final outcome.”


“I find different things to motivate me everyday. Little things inspire me and I use that energy to move forward. Ultimately, I am motivated to see the team be successful, knowing that I will be as well.”

Do you use any of these motivational motives? What are your business’ ways of keeping team members motivated?

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