How to use Instagram Stories to Grow your Business

For fear of becoming one of the herd, some of us challenge the new trends and updates that occur within apps. Since the Instagram story function came out last year, many brands and businesses have been using it to their advantage. Whether you’re a creative agency or a retail brand, stories can be a great way to build up your online presence and create connections with those who already follow you.

Stories let you engage your followers with entertaining and easy to digest, “bite-sized” content. They help direct followers to your feed and the more people that interact with you, the more of a chance there is for your posts to show up at the top of their news feed. Instagram stories now even have more daily users than Snapchat -- 250 million vs. 166 million.


Are you considering integrating Instagram Stories into your online strategy? Here are some tips on how to effectively use them:

Tell a Story and Be Creative

The chance that a follower will stay around and click through your entire Instagram story goes up when the content you push out tells a story. Keep it simple, but have a beginning, middle, and end in mind when you’re creating.

Demonstrate your Product or Service

The chance of a purchase goes up when your followers can see how your product or service works. Highlighting the features gives users visual support and often lets you show off the quality, value, and potential of what you offer. You can use Boomerangs, slow motion videos, or even do a live demonstration to make this strategy effective. 

Show Behind the Scenes

Unlike your Instagram feed, which you want to follow your theme and strategy, stories are a great way to be authentic and show your followers what actually happens behind the scenes. Show off your creative processes, such as brainstorm sessions, product development, or even your team outings.

Use Consistent Branding

Instagram stories flash by quick, so you only have a short amount of time to gain the interest of your followers. Choose colours that are consistent with your brand (Tip: stick to 3), and use text that contrasts the image or video because this helps users look you up later on. Your business name, product names, and logo should be easily visible if incorporated as well.

Ask for Interaction

Instagram Stories are another place you can be asking your viewers to engage with you. Having a clear call to action included will ensure that your content has a purpose and is encouraging a specific action for your followers to complete. This could be asking a question that can be answered by Direct Message or a message prompting your followers to visit you at a specific location or event.

Use Geolocation Stickers

Geolocations are very useful to add to your story, they help share where you are with your followers -- pinpointing an exact location. If you use a geolocation sticker your story might even be added to the cities public story, which can help you increase your reach. Stories are also searchable by location and hashtag so always include them!

We expect to see the popularity of Instagram Stories continue to rise, especially if Snapchat does not incorporate a feature to make it easier to build up a following.


Have you used Instagram Stories yet? If not, what’s holding you back? Comment below and let us know.


Skylar Reid - Marketing Coordinator