How To Use Facebook For Business - And Reach Your Audience

Back in 2015, Facebook changed the format of its News Feed, stating, “as more people and Pages are posting content, competition to appear in News Feeds has increased. All of this means that Pages that post promotional creative should expect their organic distribution to fall significantly over time.” Small businesses who were used to having a strong reach to the viewers who ‘liked’ their pages, now found difficulty making sure their posts were making it onto people’s screens.

Since then, businesses have found clever ways to reach people and keep them engaged with their posts. Having a page on Facebook is still a cost-effective way that, when used properly, can increase awareness and amount of potential for your business. Without the need for giant ad-campaigns, allowing you to shift your funds elsewhere.

Here are some must haves we believe are important for reaching your audience on Facebook:

  1. You can ask your fans and customers to click the “see-first” option in the corner of your post, this will allow your business’ posts to find their way into their news feeds.

  2. Have a profile picture that defines and is noticeable as your brand, and have your cover photo directly match up or blend together. Make sure your cover photo is high quality so it doesn’t appear grainy when you upload it.

  3. Have a call to action and information in your “About” page, so people know who you are and where to find you.  It’s also smart to pin your important posts to the top of your news feed so that, when people visit your site, they see the important stuff first.

  4. Answer people’s comments, regardless of how negative they may be. Don’t ignore their feedback; it can spread like wildfire. Millennials interact with brands more than any other generation could, and they’ve started rubbing off this ability on the older generation.

  5. Keep your posts more focused on valuable content and less on how many you can post at one time. Facebook users are less likely to interact with your business posts if they have more than 1-3 of them showing up in their news feed in one day.  It’s also important to find the best times of day to post. Hubspot has compiled the best times for each day here.  Also, Hubspot says that the two main reasons people are likely to unfollow your Facebook page are if you make too many posts and if your posts are uninteresting.

  6. Use the 70, 20, 10 rule: 70% of your feed should be useful information about your brand that inspires and enhances the reader, 20% should be content from other pages and 10% should be your own promotional content. The reason why the promotional material is lower is because people don’t want to see ads all the time -- they see enough of this on the rest of their Facebook feed. Keep the 10% to promoting new products and discounts. You’re building your brand by giving your audience valuable content that they can interact with and share.

We know your business and your clients are top priority but don’t get too lenient with how much you post; there is such a thing as too little. If you do have a Facebook page and don’t stay active on it, it may steer potential customers away more than if you didn’t have one at all. If you don’t think you can find time to post something useful every day, you can schedule ahead to have posts go out at certain times. This way, if you have a day without as much on your plate, you can prepare your posts in advance and won’t need to worry for a while.

Stay motivated! Don’t be flustered if your following goes up and down sporadically. Keep at it with useful content and you’ll start to see your business take off.



Have any of these tips worked for you? Let us know in the comments below. 


Kimberley Falk - Multimedia Writer