5 Tips to Have a Successful Client Meeting

Okay, you’ve successfully prospected a potential client for your business. You’ve set up a time to meet and have a few days to get ready. What should you be doing to prepare and how should you present yourself? It takes practice to get comfortable with selling yourself or your business, but we’ve compiled a shortlist of tips that will make it a little easier.

1) Know Your Client

Just like for an interview or a date, knowing who you’re about to meet can make a huge difference in the outcome of your meeting. In today’s culture, your client has probably already researched you and picked your business for a reason. Knowing that, it’s important to be prepared for your meeting, research your client and look at more than just their website. A good idea is to check the LinkedIn profile of the client as well as their social media presence. If possible, go to their place of business and see what they do/try their product. Knowing a little about who they are will build a stronger connection and makes the meeting run much smoother. Even if this isn’t your initial meeting with them, things change and staying up to date on your client and their business can make a huge difference.

2) Ask Questions

On the topic of making a connection, there’s no better way than being inquisitive. Your clients are the experts in their field and they bring their expertise to the table. Asking questions turns the attention to them. This makes it clear why they’re there and that they have a key role to play. It also shows that you’re interested in what they do and who they are.

3) Location, Location, Location

Your office is your own little world; it’s where the magic happens and you should be proud if it. So why not have your meeting in the comfort of your office? Well, for the same reason you love your office, your clients love theirs. So try meeting your clients at their office, and see their world. Ask for a tour while you’re there and learn as much as you can about them. It's a win win, you get to learn more about them and they get a chance to see how dedicated and passionate you are.

4) Crystal Clear Takeaways

Do we really need to have a meeting? Why are we meeting again? We’ve all been to a meeting and thought these questions. Don’t let your client leave thinking along the same lines. The best way to stop this from happening is to plan and determine the meeting takeaways and action items. Once you have an idea what these are, go through them in the meeting and review them at the end, making sure everyone knows who is responsible for what and when it is going to happen. One thing to keep in mind is to be flexible and adapt your takeaways as the need arises during the meeting.

5) A Smile and a Handshake can Change the World

It seems like a no brainer, but smiling and a good handshake can make the biggest difference. Be happy to see your client, they’re the lifeblood of your business (to be fair they’re the lifeblood of every business). Show your client that you’re happy to see them, smile when you arrive and keep smiling throughout the meeting. They’ve chosen to meet or work with you and that smile reassures them that they’ve made the right choice. While your smile is friendly, your handshake keeps things balanced and professional.


What do you do to prepare for client meetings? Did we miss anything in our list?

Jess Larche - Project Coordinator