Why We Need to Stop Sending Out Flyers


Every day when I get home from work, I walk up to my mail box, take the flyers out (I do save the McDonald’s coupons) and immediately toss them into the recycling bin outside my front door. I already know I am not the only one who does this. That’s at least three hundred flyers a year that each household is receiving and most likely trashing, which is (13,320,610 Googled households times 300 mail days) almost 4 billion flyers in Canada in a year. I’m not kidding. There’s no longer a big enough reach for print flyers to even be worth the printing cost and delivery and I won’t begin to try and figure out why big box stores like Canadian Tire and Best Buy are still sending them out.  

Why waste so much money on something that you’ll never know the outcome of, when you can use Facebook ads for a portion of the price, widen your reach by thousands more viewers, and actually track the views and responses instantly with analytics, instead of waiting to see the outcome? Analyzing the return on posts on social media as well as Google ads works more effectively for goal planning and budgeting than old fashioned flyers. Also, successful apps such as Flipp, create a one-stop place for every flyer, options to “cut” coupons and ways to compare prices within seconds, make the need to use paper flyers only relying on the population that do not use smart phones.

On the flip side, our Project Coordinator, Jess Larche, believes that flyers are still a great way to grab consumer’s attention. He believes that there is a large enough amount of the Canadian population that recycles their flyers, which become a new round of flyers, rarely going to the trash and minimizing the need to cut down more trees. Flyers are still entertaining to read for certain people and can be used for other tasks around the house other than just for reading (using them the bottom of a hamster cage etc.).  

Flyers can also be more difficult to ignore (if you’re not me) than just junk mail received in your inbox. It’s the old fashioned way of marketing, and it still works enough that there’s no official reason to discontinue distribution all together.

Do you think flyers are still an effective way of marketing your products and services?


Kimberley Falk - Multimedia Writer