More Than Just a Letterform


When you talk about typography, most people picture how copy is laid out on a page, how your eye flows through said copy, or just simple hierarchy. It is much more than that, though, as designers have been slowly twisting the rules on how type can be used in art.

Typography is no longer confined to the readability of documents.
If you do a simple Google search, you will see what I have in mind.

Designers have been focused on using this style to create deep, meaningful messages with very little content. This lack of content may be frowned upon by certain individuals, but I personally love the minimalist aspect. The lack of content allows the viewer to interpret the piece of art however they would like. This design is commonly used in motivational posters.

Designers have also been manipulating type to create an image with no more than one repeating word. This style of design not only brings the image out of its element, but it adds additional meaning to the image. This method can be a little tricky for the novice designer to utilize. Artwork incorporating this design can be easily lost if there are too many elements and designers need to find the perfect balance of white space and content.

It’s amazing how even simple letterforms can be expanded into something more meaningful than the type designers had in mind. Take a moment out of your day and just look at which posters really speak to you and see how the designer elevated the typography to more than it was meant to be.

Written By: Tanner Rowbotham - Graphic Designer