Producing the Best and Most Effective Employee Orientation


Employee orientations, if done properly, can be what makes your new hires come back for day two. If done improperly, you could lose someone who could have been a valuable part of your company’s team. It’s a day that should have a good deal of planning beforehand to make it a great day where new employees will feel welcomed, eased, and ready to start the next chapter of their lives. If you have a new orientation coming up for the summer season, here are some things to keep in mind during the planning process.


Ask yourself what they need to know on the first day and what can wait. Also, what kind of impression are you trying to make to your new hires? If you know exactly what image you want your business to come off as, don’t shift away from it. There is such a thing is too much information. Try and leave the details like tiny employee regulations etc. for day two. Tell them what they need to know, but not everything at once.


Don’t force everyone to sit while someone lectures for hours. These are some of the most boring orientations, where there is way too much information being unloaded onto new hires that they either feel overwhelmed or they get bored so fast that they don’t even absorb the information. They take all your handouts home with them and let them sit on their kitchen counter for the next six months.  Come up with some fun ways of getting your information across that incorporate your new hires into doing more than just sitting and listening.


Make their first day a happy day to celebrate a new job. Decorate the place up a bit with your company colours and brand and offer a free lunch and some swag. Have your other employees join in for lunch and some of the events so they can socialize and start to feel comfortable with their new coworkers.


Give them a little background on the company (the exciting parts). Let them in on your company’s mission, vision and values. If you can get your new hires to love what you do and why you do it from the start, they’ll have a hard time not loving you and your business, and they won’t want to leave.


Let them know what they’ll be doing for your company, how they’re job is important, but also what their new coworkers will be doing for the company as well. Your new hires want to know that they’ve been hired for a reason and not just to fill a chair. Make them feel valued and that they have an important role to play in your company. Give them tips on how to adjust to their new position easily. If you make them aware of how they will be expected to interact with their coworkers both socially and professionally, it will help ease any anxieties they may have.


Ask for feedback. This is probably the most important of all our tips. If you don’t ask for feedback, you will assume that your orientation went smoothly. Maybe you missed out on some important information or someone has some advice that could help next time. Offer a chance for new hires to give you feedback, which will let them know that their opinions and ideas are valued.  

We hope these tips will help you in the planning process for your employee orientation and we wish you luck with your future employees. Be proud of your new hires and know that they’re going to do an amazing job. Because you hired them.


Kimberley Falk - Multimedia Writer