The Benefits of Working On-Campus


With tuition costs at their highest, many students work part-time (or even full-time) while in school to cover living expenses and costs associated with being a student. It can be tough for students to juggle both a job and school work, especially when there is financial stress. There are numerous jobs available at St. Lawrence College through the summer as well as during the school year; at Spark, we believe working on campus is a great option for students for many reasons.


Our number one reason why working on campus is a good choice during the school year. Spark wants you to succeed, both at our office and academically, and will work around your class schedule to ensure that you can attend your classes and have time for study/group sessions. If you need to miss time for any specific reason, Spark will work with you to come up with a solution. If you get hired on during the summer, plenty of on-campus jobs continue part-time into the fall semester when classes start.

No Need for Transportation

Due to the proximity of your classes to work, you won’t need to worry about scheduling too much time for transportation, only the amount of time it takes to walk to the second floor (or wherever your job happens to be). So go ahead and spend your spare time doing homework or catching up on missed episodes of Game of Thrones.

Better Academic Performance

Working part-time while in college, especially on campus, has been proven to enrich your overall learning experience. Studies show that working up to 12 hours a week generally does not interfere with academic performance and has actually been shown to improve grades overall. Students are exposed directly to time management and teamwork skills, as well as a sense of commitment, that positively influences student participation and involvement. 

Advantage When Seeking Work After Graduation

You won’t go through the scary transition between college student and working professionally, because you’ve already got a taste for what it’s like. You’ll also have the confidence to start your career knowing that you already have experience, if not in your industry, than with valuable soft skills.

Clarify Career Aspirations

If you find an on-campus job that’s in your field of study, the experience will give you the chance to find out if you actually enjoy the job. This way you don’t have to wait for placement at the end of your program, or until you actually find a job after graduation, to realize you’d rather be doing something else.

Less Distractions

Since you’re in a school setting for both class and work, you will always have your studies on your mind. This gives you less of a chance to be distracted by life outside of the college campus, and helps keep your mind on achieving the best student experience you can.

In the end, you’re a student first and foremost and St. Lawrence College is dedicated to producing academically successful students. Every faculty in the college knows that your studies come first and will work with you to ensure that you are able to easily balance both your student and work careers. Check out the current student job board.