What to Remember When Recruiting Millennials

You’re in the recruitment process and you’ve made the wise decision, that to make your business the best it can be, you need the leadership and devotion that comes with hiring millennials. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to find and hire educated, skilled youth. We have some tips for you so you can try to reach and attract the younger generation of millennials to apply for your next job opportunity.

1) Be aware of what millennials think of your company.

Millennials want to work for companies that they love. You can find some truthful opinions by researching reviews of your company. Be aware that some may not be as positive as you would like. Respond to negative comments with positive ones. Try and smooth over issues so you can win back their respect. Do not think you can go down the road of hiring people to write fake reviews on websites. Millennials can usually see right through it, and you’ll have an even harder time winning their trust. If you have too many negative reviews of your company, try changing a few things and working on building a company that your employees are happy to work for.

2) Make your job applications mobile friendly.

Millennials do most of their online searching through their smartphones. If you post your job descriptions and application process on websites that not adhere to mobile browsers, you will chance losing many applicants. On large job boards, such as Indeed.com, there are so many job postings, that there is a large chance that job seekers using mobile phones will skip over the ones that request switching to a desktop.

3) Use social media.

Platforms millennials actually use. If you’re used to posting your job opportunities on your own website or ones that don’t get a lot of traffic, consider also posting to social media platforms that are popular for millennials. Facebook is an excellent choice. If you already have a business page, make a post with a engaging photo or graphic that will capture their attention and motivate them to look into the application process. If they’re already following your page, then they usually already have a connection and appreciation for your company.

4) Be authentic with your job descriptions.

Ask a millennial if they’ve seen one of those job postings where the writer is using slang and other methods, obviously trying way too hard to connect with the millennials readers, and they may roll their eyes. Yes, it’s a good idea to write to who your audience is, but sometimes if you try too hard, people can see right through it as a show and not as a representation of your actual personality. If you want millennials to apply, add a bit of humour, but also let them know what the job itself will be and how their experience and skills are perfect for your company. What kind of culture do you have on your team? What charities do you support? Let them know that if they apply for your available position, they are taking the chance to be part of your company and part of a team.

5) Use your current employees.

Make your current employees part of your recruitment campaign. Let them show how they love their jobs and what job seekers can expect when applying to your company. What if you used your current employees as part of the interview panel? They are the ones who are doing the job every day and would know which skills and personalities would do well in the position. If you have contract employees who will be moving on to the next step of their careers, let them help train the new recruits. If millennials see how genuinely happy your employees are (especially other millennials) they will want to join in on the fun.


What steps have you taken to make your hiring campaign more millennial friendly? Let us know in the comments.


Kimberley Falk – Multimedia Writer