How to Beat Instagram's New Algorithms in 2018


Instagram has been making a lot of changes lately. Some for the better and some have been getting some serious backlash. The social media platform is making it harder and harder to get your posts seen by your audience. When you post to Instagram, your post is only seen by 10% of your followers. If that post does well with that 10%, it will then be shown to the other 90%. Seems a little unfair doesn’t it?

On the bright side, all of these changes are happening to promote more authentic engagement and to reduce the bot usage, which in the long run, will help you grow a stronger profile of engaged followers who generally care about the content you are posting.

Are you wondering how you can keep up with all of these changes? Keep reading to see how you can get your posts seen by your followers and strengthen your profile.

Tip #1 – Use Instagram Stories More

Instagram stories now have a lot more merit in how the algorithm treats your account. The more you use the stories feature to engage your following, the more gold stars you will get from Instagram. If you use them frequently, your posts and stories will be more likely to show up first in the posts and stories feed.

Post frequently and always make sure you are replying to replies in a timely manner. Be sure to use locations, hashtags, stickers, and other features too as all of the little details help when trying to please the algorithm beast.

Tip #2 – Stay on Top of Your Comments

Here is a big change for 2018. Comments are becoming more and more important to pay close attention to. Engagement and timeliness are key here to beat the algorithm. You now have 60 minutes to reply to any comments on your post, or your post will stop showing up in people's feed. An no longer does a simple “thanks :)” work either. A comment must at least be 4 words for Instagram to see it not as a bot or spam comment.

Tip #3 – Find out when your followers are most active

If you’re a business who has not yet activated Instagram for business you are seriously missing out. Instagrams new analytics are seriously insane now, you are probably going to get addicted to checking them once you have them turned on. A really great part about the new analytics is the in-depth follower demographics you get. You can now see exactly when your followers are most active on Instagram – this is key to knowing when you should be posting.

Tip #4 – Strengthen your caption game

Your caption game needs to be strong now in order to encourage engagement, as authentic engagement is the whole purpose of these new changes Instagram had made. Always make sure you include a call to action – like asking your followers a question at the end of your caption. A simple emoji will give you ding against the algorithm.  

Tip #5 – Optimize Your Hashtag Strategy

Think you have your hashtag strategy down? Well, long gone are the days of using 60 hashtags to increase exposure. Instagram will now see this as spam and will shadowban your post. Make sure your hashtags are unique, do not use ones with a million hits, and stick to 5 to 10 relevant ones (5 is the prime number here). Also, make sure you are posting them in your caption and not the first comment, this is also something that will make your post hidden to your followers.

Follow all of these tips and you will be fully prepared to conquer Instagram’s the algorithm beast. And remember, it’s all about authenticity, creating real connections, and providing your followers with relevant, real content. Good luck!

               Skylar Reid, Marketing Coordinator

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