Preparing Your Office for Summer

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We miss those school aged days, where we always knew we would have every evening, weekend, and summer off. As adults, our lives are so busy with work, family, and community involvement, that our summers seem to fly by before we even have a chance to dip our toes in the water. To make sure you’re absorbing some of that Vitamin D while still promoting a productive season (whether it’s your busiest one or not), we have some tips to start now to prepare your office for summer.

  1. Make sure anyone who wants vacation time lets you know now. Prepare a calendar with everyone’s booked-off time and make it available to everyone in the office (either by physical calendar on the wall or even through Google Drive) so that they can, when scheduling meetings etc., know who will be able to attend or not. And make sure that, if you’re the boss, you take a little holiday too. Your work will still be there when you return.

  2. Get that air conditioner fixed. Having a nice, cool place for your employees to work will increase productivity and allow people to work without passing out from exhaustion. If you don’t support air conditioners, open a few windows and maybe supply a few mini fans that people can keep at their desks. On those ridiculously hot days, maybe let some employees work from home.

  3. Steer clear of disposable water bottles, but make sure you stay hydrated. Without the proper intake of water, especially with the upcoming hot days, employees may become lethargic and their best work will take much longer to finish. Invest in a water filter for the kitchen tap or a cooler for the break room. You could even give out branded water bottles to your employees - we all love free stuff.

  4. Suggest that the team go outdoors for lunch. Being stuffed into an office all day can take the spirit out of anyone, especially when it is so beautiful outside. Before those fluorescent lights give you migraines, take your lunch to a nearby park and enjoy breathing in the fresh air!

  5. Bring a little colour into the office. Lighten the dress code a bit and let employees wear their favourite shorts (not too short) and brightly coloured shirts to work. Lighter material will keep them cool and have them feeling like summer can come to work with them. Bring in a couple plants and some colourful sun-inspired office stationery and decorations.

What have you been doing to prepare your office for summer? We’d love some tips! Let us know in the comments.


Kimberley Falk - Multimedia Writer


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