Organize Your Business in 20 Minutes

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Do you feel productive when you get to the office every morning? You place your keys and coffee on your desk and sit down, unsure of what exactly you should start on even though you know you have a plethora of tasks waiting for your brain to get into action. By taking 20 minutes to organize your office and business a little, it can enhance your productivity for the rest of the day, which means it’s worth it to leave that project that you know you’ll just stare at anyway. Take the time to get some clutter out of your head and office so you can be better prepared to face the real work.  


  • Clean your computer screen and desk area. Offices get dusty, germy, and crumby when you spend 8+ hours a day sitting and eating in one place. Some computers stay running 24 hours a day and just absorb the dust around them like a magnet. Take a sanitizer wipe/dust cloth and make your desk shine.

        Estimated time: 2 minutes (more if you haven’t cleaned up that coffee stain from Monday yet).

  • Clean out those files from your “downloads” folder that you accidentally clicked on thinking it was just a web link, or that you already have downloaded but forgot and now have 5 copies sitting on your computer with no purpose. Rename the files you know you need and move them from the “downloads” file and into their rightful place. If you don’t know where things are when you need them, it will only suck up extra time and frustration.

        Estimated time: 5 minutes (more if you haven’t done a hard drive clean up since you incorporated your business last year).

  • Get rid of all those Post-It notes from the sides of your computer and put the important dates into your phone’s calendar. Although the colours are pretty and they make you look organized, you’re actually being less prepared for important meetings. Post-It notes can’t send you reminder notifications.

        Estimated time: 5 minutes (more if you can’t even see the computer under all those notes).

  • If you find you have a lot of documents that get tossed onto your desk, find two document trays and place them a little ways a part on one end (or even better, on top of a filing cabinet or table in arms reach). Label one for new documents (and let people know as they come in to toss them here) and the other for documents you’ve already looked at but still need. Make a mental note to file away the stuff you don’t need anymore (but might months from now) away properly and not leave them on your desk. This will save you time down the road and make your desk a lot more pleasing to look at.

        Estimated time: 5 minutes (more if your desk is already covered in documents and yesterday’s lunch is in there somewhere).

  • Take a breather and organize your thoughts. Have a few long sips from your coffee, sit down, and let your mind organize what you need to get done first and what you can put at the back on your mental filing cabinet for later. Rushing into your work may leave a finished product that isn’t your best work.

        Estimated time: 3 minutes (or as long as you need to make sure you’re at your best - just get up and take an extra long
weekend if need be. We won’t judge).


Having an organized workspace is important for ensuring you can be at your best and create the most productive work day. You could take an entire week to completely reorganize files, bring in a zen expert to rearrange furniture, and this may be beneficial to you. But, with 20 minutes, once a week, you can boost your productivity and set yourself up for success.  

Have any more quick organization fixes? Let us know in the comments.

Kimberley Falk - Multimedia Writer

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