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Instagram Releases IGTV Into The Race of Online Video Content; How Can Your Business Benefit?

A couple weeks ago, Instagram released IGTV, a new online video hub that allows the average Instagram user to upload and share video content that’s up to 10 minutes long (up to an hour if you’re one of their favourite people), which is a much bigger spectrum from the 15-30 seconds we are accustomed to. When Instagram first introduced videos to their platform, over 5 million were posted within the first 24 hours. While I haven’t been able to find any statistics yet on IGTV, many popular accounts’ videos are edging close to the million views mark after being posted within the first two days of release.

How does IGTV differ from Youtube?

Youtube has definitely been far ahead of the race when it comes to video content uploads. With 1.9 billion active watchers and 300 hours of video being uploaded every minute, it gets difficult for other platforms to even try to compete. But that hasn’t stopped Instagram from entering the race.

One major difference is the way we watch videos on both platforms. As we know, youtube plays on a horizontal format, which has been the way of all multimedia streaming and videos for decades - since the dawn of man or the first movie screen, whichever came first. IGTV on the flipside, plays videos vertically. It’s different, but has become popular on other platforms such as Spotify. So it’s definitely not different in a bad way. Another huge difference, that will probably change in the future, is that IGTV cannot stream to a television, while Youtube can, and many people have the Youtube app on their Smart TVs. Lastly, money made off of Youtube ads are a huge incentive for businesses to upload on their platform. IGTV isn’t there yet.

But Will IGTV Work For My Business?

Instagram has been a huge contender when it comes to zooming out from the shadows when we least expect them, such as with Instagram stories in 2016. Chances are that your business already has an Instagram account with followers that are willing to try out IGTV.

If you’re focusing on a youth target market, many in this demographic enjoy what’s trending and new - and they also love Instagram. On Youtube, 11% of users are age 18-24 with another 23% being 25-34. On Instagram, 90% of all users are under the age of 35 (60% of those between 18-24). By putting a bit of an extra effort into building video content that engages your market on IGTV, you prove to your followers that you’re capable of adapting with technology and strive not to be left behind when the rest are gaining speed.

Engagement on Instagram has grown 416% over the past two years and engagement with brands on Instagram is 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest, and 84 times higher than Twitter. So chances are you’re going to get noticed. And, unlike with Stories, which is a quick way of sharing videos with your followers that only lasts 24 hours, IGTV allows you to build videos with content that your followers can find later on. Plus, it puts all your videos into one spot, where before your videos would blend in with photos on your profile page.

What Should I Do Now?

You should log into Instagram and create your IGTV account now by clicking the tiny icon next to the messages paper airplane. Here, you can click the little gear and then create your channel. It takes only a few taps.

Brainstorm some video ideas and upload your first content, just remember to add a Call to Action (CTA) at the end to get viewers engaged and commenting.

It’s a good idea to start now while the platform is still fresh as you’ll have an advantage when it blows up in popularity soon, which our assumption is it will.

Let us know your tag so we can take a peek at your first video!

Find out where I got all those awesome statistics here.

Kimberley Falk - Multimedia Writer

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