Car Wash Fundraiser Success!

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On Saturday, August 4, 2018 our team raised over $800 for the Kingston Humane Society (KHS) by hosting a car wash at The Goodway Thrift Store! The proceeds from the fundraiser will help provide health care, food and shelter to keep Kingston’s animals happy and healthy for as long as it takes to find them forever homes.

In addition to the car wash, we also produced a video for the KHS to help change the incorrect perception that animals are put down based on space availability and/or extended length of stay, and instead showcased its function as a bridge for animals to a happy home and life, no matter how long it takes.

As a team of animal lovers, we were happy to help when the KHS reached out asking for support in creating a video,” said Breanne Johnson, our Creative Director. “After seeing the passion and devotion the staff and volunteers have for the animals in our community we wanted to do more.”

We held the car wash at The Goodway Thrift Store, also a recent client, who hosts car wash fundraising events each Saturday throughout the summer to help those raising money for multiple causes within Kingston. In addition to providing their parking lot and water for the car wash, The Goodway also contributed half of their profits from the day to the cause!

"Taking part in the day was awesome! It was tons of fun and I love that we could help contribute to the amazing work they do at the Kingston Humane Society,” said Bailey Greenwood-Vidal one of our Marketing Coordinators.

We want to say thank you to all the car owners, shoppers, and online donors who took the time to lend a paw. Spark, The Goodway and the Kingston Humane Society appreciate your help!

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