Finding Your Passion 

Written by Deanna Melanson


They say the older you get, the less creative your mind becomes. I’m not sure I agree with this. I think as we get older, we tend to ignore our creativity to focus on school, work, family, etc. Does this mean we’re less creative or did we just stop focusing on it?

There are many people out there who have shared stories of breaking free from their mundane jobs and finally pursuing their passion. We are not saying your passion has to be your job, but knowing what your passion is can influence your career as well as life decisions. 


So, let’s see what sparks your interest.

Start with the Small Things

Try and consider interests you’ve had in the past that maybe you forgot about, or didn’t have the time to focus on before. Do you like the satisfaction of building something from start to finish? Maybe you could channel that into a career that needs critical thinking and problem solving. Were you preoccupied with arts and crafts as a child? This could easily help you as a creative thinking team member, assisting with brainstorming and seeing the big picture.

What are Your Current Interests?

Take the time to think back - do you remember anything when you were younger that you were obsessed with? What about something a friend has been talking about that seems like something you might like? 

Talk to Those in Your Life

If you’re struggling to find what your passion is, try asking your friends and family what strengths and talents they see in you. Getting an outside perspective can be a great help when you’re caught up with everyday life. You may find out something about yourself that you never knew or something you never considered before. 

Process of Elimination 

Alright, maybe trying to brainstorm what you do like might be a bit difficult. It’s kind of like when someone asks what you want for your birthday and you forget everything you’ve had on your wish list all year. Instead, try to think about what you dislike. Narrowing in on what truly doesn’t ignite joy in you, is as important as figuring out what does.

Get out of Your Comfort Zone 

This is easier said than done, but getting out of your comfort zone and exploring what the world has to offer will open your mind to countless opportunities. Though change can be hard, and to some even scary, a lot of the time you can get a feel for how your decisions will pan-out before you make them. To get you started, we have a test from Psychologies that can help narrow in on your passions.

What would you do right now if you won $100,000,000?

A pressing question. Maybe pay off some bills, help out some of the people in your life, buy a house, car - basically anything you want, right? After all that spending, you’ll still have money left (I hope), likely finding yourself thinking you need to do something with it. Are you going to donate, invest, save, and/or explore more options? The ideas that just popped into your mind just may be what your passion is.

Let us know what you would do with $100,000,000 down below - what passion have you discovered?