The Creative Process: How to Approach Creative Challenges


Written by: Deanna Melanson

We’ve all experienced it one way or another - the defeating feeling of not knowing what to do next. If you’re writing a book or trying to produce a beat, there will be a moment or a two when you have to stop and take a breather. Your head feels like you can’t possibly think anymore and you’re officially mentally exhausted; You’ve hit a wall and we’re here to help. One way to approach creative challenges is by following the creative process:



Preparation is different for everyone, but this is the stage where you get your ducks in a row, organize yourself, and start to set a direction for the project moving forward. Typically people consider this stage to be tedious, but it is crucial to lay a solid foundation on which to build the rest of the process. 


Get yourself away from distractions, alone with your work, and focus. It’s during this stage that your conscious and subconscious minds are developing ideas, making connections, removing unnecessary ideas, and taking from other ones. 


Though the illumination stage can take days, weeks, or even years, this is the eye-widening, epiphany moment you’ve been waiting for. Depending on who you are, your situation, this is the stage that will bring you peace-of-mind. This is where the effort and hard work you put in sets you up for the next step - implementation.  


The implementation stage is compiling your efforts into a final product. For a writer, this may mean getting over writer's block and finally finishing a book; for a painter, this could be finally finding a muse to finish a painting. 

Now that you have some direction, are you going to incubate yourself to find a solution? Maybe you’re already on that path and will soon reach your illumination, eureka moment. Regardless of what stage you are on, moving forward you now have an idea of the creative process and how to utilize it. Good luck!

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