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More Than Just a Letterform

When you talk about typography, most people picture how copy is laid out on a page, how your eye flows through said copy, or just simple hierarchy. It is much more than that, though, as designers have been slowly twisting the rules on how type can be used in art.

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Done Is Better Than Perfect

It sounds like an excuse for laziness or low quality work, but it’s actually some solid advice. If you can, you should always push your work to be the best it can be, but without a deadline, many creatives may feel like their work always needs improvement.

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The Ampersand

One of typography’s greatest creations is the ampersand. A beautifully crafted logogram that originally came about as a ligature from the Latin term “et”, which means “and”. The idea was to put those two letters together, “e” and “t”, to form this elegantly constructed piece of art.

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