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Rebrand your Business Without Losing your Customers

Change is exciting, but it can also be terrifying. Rebranding can be an exciting and terrifying pursuit that can rejuvenate your business and expand your reach. But how do you effectively change without betraying the loyalty of your current customers? How do you rebrand without losing the essence of your business? When contemplating a rebrand, it is important to plan, research and always communicate with your customers.

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How to Determine if Social Media is Right for You

“Should I be broadcasting my brand on social media?”

It’s a complicated question, isn’t it? One that every existing, matured, or budding business is asking themselves. In the age of technology, it seems like social media marketing is the “be all and end all” of a campaign, and that things like viral videos and shares are the only drivers to your brand’s level of awareness and success.

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Guerrilla and Creative Recruitment

You’d expect to apply for jobs the old fashioned way, in newspapers and on job boards, but some companies have gotten creative in how they recruit new hires. Being able to be successful at finding a job, when technology is changing, requires more than just your education and how you answer questions in the interview. Some companies try and find the applicants who can go beyond those questions and prove that they have the creativeness and soft skills needed for their business.

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5 Tips for Writing Inbound Marketing Content

Inbound marketing is the ability for businesses to bring in business prospects by offering them interesting content before they even become a customer or client. A relationship is built quickly on trust and knowledge. Blog posts and business articles, as well as even social media content, are great ways to effectively give content to your audience, gain their business,  without initially having to sell them anything.

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