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The Good & Ugly About Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is a great option for people with no e-commerce experience. It’s simple, low-cost and easy. This business model allows retailers to skip the inventory issues by connecting them with suppliers all over the world who ship products directly from their warehouse to your consumer’s doorstep, giving you a percentage of the profit.

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Entrepreneurship is Everywhere

Millennials splash through that stereotype with a new one of their own, a burst of colourful personalities wanting the most out of life in the shortest amount of time. Unlike our parents, we know what we love and if we don’t get it or see it in the market, we’ll build it ourselves -- and then sell it online to a waiting audience of millions.

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5 Tips to Have a Successful Client Meeting

Okay, you’ve successfully prospected a potential client for your business. You’ve set up a time to meet and have a few days to get ready. What should you be doing to prepare and how should you present yourself? It takes practice to get comfortable with selling yourself or your business, but we’ve compiled a shortlist of tips that will make it a little easier.

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