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As students, it is important to our professional development that we continue to learn from our experiences at Spark. We value our time spent with you and would welcome any feedback you have regarding our performance on your project.

Thank you for taking the time to complete.

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For the following questions, please choose the statement the most accurately describes your interactions with Spark.
Spark acted in a way that represents integrity.
Spark assisted in helping your brand and/or organization grow and improve as a whole.
The final product/service that Spark performed for your organization met your expectations.
Spark was responsive to any inquiries over the course of the project.
You were satisfied with Spark’s overall service.
Spark communicated effectively and appropriately throughout the course of the project.
The Spark team acted in a professional manner.
Spark was open-minded when considering your wants and needs for the project.
Spark prides itself on its innovative ability to provide marketing communication solutions; in your opinion was our solution innovative enough that it will set you apart from and ahead of your competitors?