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Who is Spark?

We are a creative communications agency operating within the walls of  St. Lawrence College, Kingston campus. Our multidisciplinary team, comprised of both students and young professionals, is well versed in delivering industry standard quality marketing solutions for our clients. We are fuelled by passion and creativity, using both innovation and technology to help companies grow and love their brand.  


To continually expand our network and develop professional connections by creating opportunities within our community and beyond. We strive to become a growing force in marketing communications, using our skills to enhance clients’ businesses as well as our own.



  • We ignite creativity within ourselves, using our unique talents to enhance the world.

  • We strive to grow our business with honesty and integrity.

  • We believe we each have our own spark, contributing to the power within our team.


  • We are part of a team that sets goals that challenge us to use divergent thinking to achieve the best solutions for our clients.

  • We are clever, modern minds set on inspiring the people around us.

  • We give our utmost best work, analyzing our creations to make sure they are aligned with the specific needs of our clients.


  • We motivate ourselves to find inspiration in everything.

  • We become a link between education and business, Spark is committed to challenging and inspiring students within a professional learning environment.

  • We are dedicated to continuous learning; we know there is no limit to the knowledge we can gain and no such thing as true perfection.

past + present

Our history

St. Lawrence College is constantly growing in their teaching methods and working on new ways to provide revolutionary learning experiences for students. The idea of an in-house communications agency was one that had been floating in the thoughts of faculty’s minds for a long time – until John Conrad, the Associate Dean of the School of Business, seized that opportunity.

He entrusted Ricardo Giuliani and Mike Kusters, both graduates of SLC, who shared an undeniable passion for innovation, creativity, and technology, to bring this vision to life. It was entrepreneurship and innovation at its core.

Spark officially launched in January 2014 in a tiny room on the 4th floor of the college, then spent the last two years in a glass walled room off of the Student Association, fondly nicknamed “The Fishbowl.” The team has been steadily growing over the years, working diligently to create solutions that prove that what students learn in the classroom can translate into quality work for clients.

Our future

Today, Spark has evolved into a full-service creative communications agency, led by our new Creative Director Breanne Johnson, we have moved into our own office that can house 9 students who are all dedicated to learn what it means to work with the creative industry.

We are proud of the city we live in. We want to help grow the businesses of Kingston by designing creative marketing plans, creating a strong online presence, and using various communication platforms that will enhance their customer base and essentially create future success.

We have taken great steps in the direction of becoming a strong presence within Kingston and surrounding communities and we are excited to continue growing outside our city.