Spark produced a short video for Job Zone d’emploi showcasing their Youth Job Connection Program. The goal was to highlight just one of their many success stories with the program.

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Brand Awareness




Employment Services


The Story

Job Zone d’emploi is a non-profit organization that prepares, guides and assists individuals, in English and in French, to find employment through employment and career counselling, information resources, job opportunities and access to community and outreach services.

Youth Job Connection (YJC) is one program that Job Zone has implemented to more effectively help young people across a broader spectrum of needs to improve their skills and find work. Due to a lack of awareness for this program aimed at youth job seekers and employers targeting the 16-29 year-old demographic, Job Zone set out to increase their recognition with a video. Job Zone d’emploi would like the video to highlight how the YJC program can help by using a success story to produce a short and dynamic video.


The Solution

Spark set out to produce a short video highlighting the story of Autumn Colbran, a member of the YJC program at Job Zone d’emploi. In the video she shared her story about working with Job Zone, as well as her working at the resulting job.


The Final Project


The Results

By the end of the project Spark produced a video that was beyond Job Zone d’emploi’s expectations. They were expecting a simple promotional video but instead received one that was full of emotion. The video captures Autumn’s emotions, Job Zone employees, and the overall Job Zone process. The video follows Autumn at her new job, as well as at her farm. It also features Job Zone employees, Laurie Lafrance and Angele Roy, speaking about their jobs and what they do for clients.


“The flow of the project was seamless. The team was very professional and what stood out is that they demonstrated excitement about the project, which made me feel confident and in good hands. It wasn't just a process; they showed interest and passion for the work that they do and this is the kind of stuff you can't teach.”

- Julie Samson

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