How to Beat Instagram's New Algorithms in 2018

Instagram has been making a lot of changes lately. Some for the better and some have been getting some serious backlash. The social media platform is making it harder and harder to get your posts seen by your audience. When you post to Instagram, your post is only seen by 10% of your followers. If that post does well with that 10%, it will then be shown to the other 90%. Seems a little unfair doesn’t it?

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Producing the Best and Most Effective Employee Orientation

Employee orientations, if done properly, can be what makes your new hires come back for day two. If done improperly, you could lose someone who could have been a valuable part of your company’s team. It’s a day that should have a good deal of planning beforehand to make it a great day where new employees will feel welcomed, eased, and ready to start the next chapter of their lives.

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The Benefits of Working On-Campus

With tuition costs at their highest, many students work part-time (or even full-time) while in school to cover living expenses and costs associated with being a student. It can be tough for students to juggle both a job and school work, especially when there is financial stress. There are numerous jobs available at St. Lawrence College through the summer as well as during the school year; at Spark, we believe working on campus is a great option for students for many reasons.

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