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At Spark, we work with you to pinpoint the communication problems within your business, while also unmasking what your consumers wish they could see, what they wish you would do, and what their frustrations are in order to lock in their brand loyalty.  

Spark is dedicated to creating lasting relationships with businesses in our community. We strive to reach a level that is on par with industry standards to ultimately bring your business to new heights.

We are St. Lawrence College educated and bring the newest thinking with us into our Spark projects. We apply our education with our own personal touches, giving your project the best possible outcome.

Spark works a little differently. Our approach focuses on incorporating you into every stage of the project. From our discovery session to the post-production phase, you can be rest assured that it will be a collaborative effort between your team and ours.



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Strategic Marketing Communications Planning

In today’s hyper communicative world, keeping up with the latest ‘hot’ tools can seem overwhelming. With a strong marketing communications plan, you can reach your audience in an engaging, strategic and effective way, using all of those marketing tools and techniques.

Market Research

The marketplace is already rough enough and if you do not know your competitors, it only becomes more difficult. Understanding your competitive advantages and how to highlight them is extremely important.

Creative Scriptwriting

From culture videos to animation, every deliverable needs a voice. We can help you develop an authentic and alluring story that will keep your viewers attention span in mind.

Campaign Development

Launching a brand? Want to promote a new product? Let us help you develop an effective message, assess your competition, and choose the right medium to reach your target audience. We want to encourage them to interact with you!

Social Audit + Strategy

How well are you performing on social media? This is where we analyze all of the touch points where you communicate with your audience and make sure that your name is showing up in good conversations around the web. In cases where your customers are not the happiest, we can come up with a plan to reverse this.

Content Strategy + Development

All of the content you produce should be inline with your values and tone of voice. We can help you understand your audience and create a tailored content approach for the specific niche you are trying to engage.



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Social Media Marketing

Spark has the ability to find ways to grab the heartstrings of your consumers. With social media continually having a “post more to get more” ideology, it is important to create content that will impress viewers more than over-crowd them.

Content Management Systems

Working cohesively as a team is important for every business. We can teach you how to use a CMS, like Squarespace, Wordpress, or Shopify, that lets multiple users create and publish content to your website. No coding experts are required, resulting in a more collaborative environment and happier employees.

SEO + Analytics

Did you know that there are 3.5 billion searches on Google everyday? It is easy for websites to get lost in the search engine abyss. We can help you strategize ways to increase your exposure online and to make sure your content is seen by all the right people.

Website Design + Development

Your website is a reflection of you. We understand that you are a creative brand and need something to represent what you are all about. We will help you build a website that you can be proud of and one that you can actually use on your own!



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Print Design

Print advertising is far from dead. We can help you communicate your message with visually attractive and eye-catching print media, such as posters, brochures, banners, and flyers.



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Brand Audit + Diagnostic

The best first step in developing more engaging and effective communications. We help you better understand what your audience thinks about your brand, products, and overall value in the market place.

Brand Positioning

Your brand is represented in every instance of your existence. From your website homepage, to your Facebook banners, to how your sales representatives handle conflict. Positioning helps you look at your brand ecosystem and develop strategies to improve and convert more customers.

Brand Identity Development

After performing research and understanding your market, it is time to develop the visual brand that your business will implement. Colours, logotype, design and more will ensure that your brand is distinguishable in the consumer’s mind.



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Product Photography

Your products are unique and should be showcased in the best possible way. High quality product photos can help convert your visitors to buyers and leave a great first impression.

Video Production

Let us help you tell your story in a unique, meaningful, and engaging way through the use of video. We believe that every video should have a specific message, therefore we work with our clients to create custom content that defines the main objective.

Motion Graphics

Have an exciting idea to share? An animation combines illustrations, images, and audio that will add a fun, creative twist to your message, keeping your audience engaged and excited.


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